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Ehan IoT Services

An AI-powered Solution for the import and automatic analysis of big data transmitted through IoT enabled devices to identify patterns and trends in data sets. It allows Services companies to move from time based repetitive operations to a more efficient “Sense” based regime.

AISense is a fully integrated hardware and software solution based on cutting edge design of location aware IoT devices and big data analysis algorithms.

Ehan Consultant

Ehan is an IT services company, provides you end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions using the most advanced tools and technologies. We analyze the current scenario and develop high-performance and well-tuned data warehouses, perform ETL operations, data migration, and design smart dashboards, also offers everything from design to software development, as well as network security and IT-related systems, to help you navigate the difficult path of network security and software development. Provides the necessary guidance to businesses at the right time. 

What benefits do you get from IT Ehan Services Consultant?

Ehan’s Services for Start-Up Businesses

In order to grow and better understand start-ups, Ehan manages a large and comprehensive range of support services; From consulting services to design and development as well as marketing campaigns. These services will always be available. 

Why is Ehan your choice for consulting?

Business Plan

There are many options for software development, data protection and your services focused on applying and integrating expert analytical technological solutions in web, cloud, and mobile-based business solutions. We help you get optimal business solutions that help you analyze, capture, predict better for your growing business future needs. Unlock high-performing and much powerful BI software solutions integrated into your enterprise system to get comprehensive computing in your enterprise operations and provide you meaningful insights into business to perform better. SAP Business One aid in delivering fully customized reports and forms across various industrial domains. With the integrated SAP solutions, the businesses can draw fully authenticated reports for the various departments such as HR, Sales, Purchase, financial accounts, etc. in an easy for the operations in a swift way. in Ehan, by infusing the intelligent algorithms, we help to transform the data into knowledge thus, empowering the overall decision-making structure. 

If you have any of these problems, we can help you

  • You have information that is very important and you do not know how to protect it from malware and viruses.
  • You have a lot of ideas but you do not know how to implement them.
  • You have a lot of dissatisfied customers and a lot of negative ads against you.
  • Few customers come to you and they do not purchase voluntarily You have a lot of competitors and you do not know how to compete with them.
  • You have a lot of debt and your overall income is low and you think your business is having a low return.
  • You are tired and no matter how hard you try, you do not get results. Sometimes you think of quitting your job.
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Due to its field of activity, Ehan has always tried to be a leader in the world of information and communication technology security by identifying, acquiring and transferring science, knowledge and emerging technologies, using collective knowledge and taking advantage of innovation approach and takes an important step in the field of maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of information at the micro and macro levels of society, as well as the continuity of activities and operations.