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Software Development

Software development refers to set of processes that include activities such as software creation, design, development and support, as so as documentation, testing, and troubleshooting. On the other hand, creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components are among the activities in this field and are of great importance. In fact, it covers all the processes from the idea of the desired software to the final design that programmers use to build computer programs. This process is known as Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and consists of several stages. Therefore, it can meet the technical specifications and needs of the user with the special method it offers for making products.

Software Development

Demand identification is one of the most important issues in software development. There are many ideas for software products and these ideas can include market research, including current customers, potential sales customers who have rejected the product, other in-house software development staff, or a creative person. However, planning is the most important part. Planning is the goal of any activity and we can discover the points of a project with its help. An important issue in creating a software program is extracting requirements or analyzing requirements. In addition, it allows the analyst to follow the project execution schedule.

Why is software development so important?

On the surface, the answer is relatively simple. Whether you realize it or not, software development now has a direct influence on many aspects of our daily lives. From the smartphone apps that define modern communications over the internet-connected products enabling seamless shopping experiences to new application models like block-chain, micro-services, and the IoT, software development has completely transformed entire industries. In general, it includes all purchases and customer service. Content is guiding consumers through the purchasing process and helps meet their needs.

Software development is also based on consumer demand. From personalization to shared experiences, hyper-relevant content, and innovative solutions that users can’t find anywhere else. In this regard, it must be guaranteed on the one hand to meet the needs of users and on the other hand the appropriate quality of system performance. Therefore, it must contain mechanisms in accordance with the requirements as well as the accuracy of the output operation.

Today, organizations are expected to offer innovative solutions and experiences, -wherever they may be-, to compete with what leading companies offer to their users. Because consumer expectations are modeled on the experiences provided by large, resource-intensive companies. Therefore, receiving the services provided by these companies is very important.




Perhaps the best way to answer the question, “why is software development so important” is that it’s essential for a company’s survival. Here are the main reasons:

  • Promote your business: It helps promote and spread your business
  • Improves sales and service

It is important to know how your customers think about your brand and products. If you want to know their opinion and want them to give a positive comment, then you must have an online platform to let customers reach out to you easily and share their opinion about your products and services.

  • Helps in marketing your business
  • Increases customers’ engagement

This means that software development will help you have direct communication with the clients. No other strategy can help you do direct communication with your customers.

In general, it optimizes your business processes, helps you save money, and offers a competitive advantage. Also, in the current situation, it does not cause you to suffer a lot of financial losses. In fact, more and newer demands are formed with the increasing number of people using different types of smart devices. And only new and innovative software can meet these demands. This means gaining a better understanding of evolving consumer needs or delivering innovative solutions to the market faster than competitors.

Now that every business is a software business, service providers have become strategic partners. But in general, the biggest advantage today is having a wider range of services that includes different technologies, businesses and process knowledge, and also saves you time and money.

In this way, by examining and determining the need and by choosing the appropriate methodology and improving and developing the software, Ehan tries to successfully complete and positively change the business environment.

Why should you work with Ehan for Software Development?

We look beyond the current business environment and are committed to the future. We help businesses change, innovate, and achieve appropriate business and practical goals. And make their services available to people everywhere. This improves sales and customer experience and the popularity of companies.

We help to provide the needs of users or customers in the form of a product and examine the cases by designing a conceptual solution to solve the problem and the feasibility and analysis of the system design and implementation, and tries to solve the problem with a critical thinking and considering the details. In addition to meeting the needs of users, we guarantee the proper quality of system performance. Also we try to provide the best solution and appropriate quality in line with your request with accurate estimation of a project in the early stages. 

We suggest that you leave the software development to us to save you time and money. Ehan will help you make sure things are done right and get the best results by closely monitoring and controlling the process. 

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