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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Due to the increasing use of information technology in all aspects of individual and social life, a large volume of commercial and administrative exchanges is done through data communication on the Internet and other computer networks. Increasing the value of data and information resources of organizations and departments and consequently increasing cyber- attacks has led to

Therefore, it is essential for any organization to use a solution to manage and secure the network intelligently. The Security Operations Center (SOC) is a 24-hour security monitoring facility for input and output information to an organization to detect security threats. Relying on a set of hardware and software equipment, the Security Operations Center has collected reports on communication systems and services of communication networks, operating systems, various software as well as various network security equipment and then analyzes them by combining different reports and using advanced software and hardware and experts. This system is able to prevent hackers, malware and security threats from internal and external sources. In fact, it is like a watchtower which its task is identify and prevent potential hazards and determine the reactions needed to deal with them. Its main purpose is to ensure the continuity of business with the aim of adapting to the constraints and risks.

Why does your organization need a SOC?

By setting up an operations center, you do not need to buy antivirus, firewall, and intrusion detection systems, but you provide the structure for the greater effectiveness of these security solutions. Firewalls must first block the network security threats or anti-viruses increase the security of users. But in the event of a successful attack, it will take a long time to collect these logs and conclude the investigation after the attack, if these solutions work separately and the data obtained from them are not collected and analyzed. This time means financial loss for an organization. Detecting advanced and targeted attack threats will be time consuming or may not be detected at all, which will again cause huge losses to the collection. Therefore, it is a necessity for organizations, institutions and organs to spend time and money to set up a principled security operations center.

In fact, SOC is a good way to prevent and deal with cyberspace events. 

In general, SOC provides the following services as a centralized site for security monitoring and network management:

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
Event & Incident Management
Compliance Monitoring
Configuration Management
Forensics, damage assessment
Incident Response
Business Continuity Plan
How will SOC be useful for my organization?

Clearly, security incident detection is improved by having a Security Operations Center (SOC) and continuous monitoring of activity and data analysis. Despite the costly and complex setup of this center, but its existence is essential to create cyber security in any organization. Ehan provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of all matters related to security and cyberspace incidents at various levels of enterprise management with the help of SOC.

This will have the following benefits for your organization:

Process control

By regulating processes and implementing the ISO / IEC27001 standard, we regulate and standardize current processes at the organization level.

Security equipment management

Manages all network equipment centrally using SSH and Telnet protocols.

Network security status

Show the security status of all devices on the network instantly

Vulnerability assessment

Identify vulnerabilities in network equipment and reporting vulnerabilities before a security incident with the help of the SOC

Report problems

Report the problem and inform using SMS and follow up the problems until a complete solution.

Threat identification, control and management

Manages attacks and security incidents and analyzes and operates threats using reports.

Reporting system

Provides comprehensive and diverse reports on network security status to senior managers.

Why is Ehan the right choice for you when it comes to security operations?

Ehan reduces your organizational costs in the following areas:
Reduce the time required to collect events and alerts
Reduce the cost of maintaining events and alerts
Reduce the human cost of processing events
Reduce the costs of monitoring and evaluating events
Reduce the cost of analyzing and discovering the connection between different events
Reduce the human costs of handling an accident, using a trained expert team
Reduce costs due to continuing damages
Reduce costs due to service interruption

 It continuously monitors all events related to the equipment and software in the organization.

Despite the full introduction of the SOC and its performance for organizations, there may be a question as to why it is inevitable to spend money to establish a security operations center or receive these services from a reputable company! To better understand why the center is needed, the benefits of setting up are outlined below.

Some features:
  • Centralize and integrate information
  • Detect security threats and attacks in the shortest possible time
  • Detect DDoS attacks in the shortest possible time and appropriately
  • Detect attacks and respond to threats in the shortest possible time
  • Significant cost reduction while significantly increasing network management efficiency and security monitoring
  • Collection and analysis of network traffic and production of security reports at various levels

As one of the pioneers of security operations center (SOC), Ehan accompanies you relying on your experience and expertise as well as employing technical and expert staff. We guarantee the sustainability of your business by having an expert team. Because we eliminate risks before security events affect your key infrastructure.

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