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An actual partnership, which we strive for, looks like this

Realized and aligned goals.
Attention to the relative alignment of individual and organizational goals requires to consider the fact that for various reasons, sometimes there is a conflict between the goals of the individual and the goals of the organization. The two can sometimes be in conflict, and so one of the major problems that management faces are finding the tools to compromise. We want to define as many aligned goals as possible. Alignment!
Open and frequent communication
We reach out to our clients frequently in order to keep an open line of communication where any issues with our service or a new solution they’re wanting to add to the environment can be easily brought up. A client that understands our alignment on this will send us the proposal knowing this doesn’t cost them anything.
The subject of trust
The IT company must have your best interests at heart. You can achieve this by assessing their level of IT maturity and building relationships and deciding whether you believe they are ethical and trustworthy enough to help your business. Ehan gives you this reassurance.

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Due to its field of activity, Ehan has always tried to be a leader in the world of information and communication technology security by identifying, acquiring and transferring science, knowledge and emerging technologies, using collective knowledge and taking advantage of innovation approach and takes an important step in the field of maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of information at the micro and macro levels of society, as well as the continuity of activities and operations.

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  • Information Security Management System
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