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Penetration Test

Penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack against your computer system to check for vulnerabilities. It is a method to estimating the computer (usually a server) or a network security by simulating the hacker’s attacks. In this method, in order to find security problems, all systems and software and services installed on it are tested and then the existing problems are solved. 

What is penetration testing and why it is important?

Penetration testing professionals use tools, techniques, and processes similar to those of attackers to detect and demonstrate weak commercial effects on systems. These tests usually simulate different types of attacks that can threaten the target business. A penetration test may check that whether the system is strong enough to withstand attacks in authenticated and non-authenticated situations, as well as a wide range of system maps.

Although there are several ways to hardening, the best method is obtained after evaluating the security holes and necessary measures to eliminate these vulnerabilities should be taken at the end of this process.

Penetration Test

Why is penetration testing important?

The main purpose of penetration testing is to improve the security of your organization, company or business. The organization can identify its weaknesses and fix them if it uses the penetration test results correctly. Expert testers are useful hackers who not only detect security problems, but also provide detailed advice to fix them. In fact, an intruder can bypass strong security mechanisms by using a vulnerability after designing hierarchical scenarios and increasing access levels and pose a serious threat to sensitive information, sometimes internal networks and wireless networks, and the data exchanged through them in organizations. 

Because security standards alone never detect all security vulnerabilities, it is essential to perform penetration testing before cyber-attacks. Hackers and infectious programs are constantly finding new ways to cross defense barriers and move toward their targets. Penetration testing is one of the best solutions for organizations and companies to help them react properly and prepare to neutralize them by anticipating possible attacks. Network vulnerabilities may be due to malfunctions of the operating system, services and applications, incorrect configuration or risky behavior of end users. Penetration testing also validates the effectiveness of defense mechanisms as well as end-users’ adherence to security policies. Penetration test results can be used to fine-tune WAF security policies and modify identified vulnerabilities. 

The penetration testing process is divided into five stages:

Planning and identification
Maintain access

Penetration testing can be done in different ways. The biggest difference between these methods is the amount of information related to the implementation details of the system under test that is provided to the penetration testing team.

Accordingly, penetration testing can be divided into four categories:


What are the benefits of penetration testing?

Identify and prioritize security risks

Penetration testing assesses the firm / organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, and users against external and internal attacks. It also shows which weaknesses are more dangerous. Therefore, the organization / company can set its own security priorities depending on the penetration test results. 

Intelligent management of weaknesses

Penetration testing provides accurate information about real and exploitable security threats. By performing penetration testing, you will soon find out from real hackers which weaknesses are more sensitive, which are less important, and which were considered weaknesses.

Adopt a surprising security approach before cyber attacks

Companies and organizations must use a variety of security and defense mechanisms and tools, such as cryptography, anti-virus, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Identity and Access Management (IAM) programs, and so on. Because today there is no solution that can withstand all attacks and intrusions. Penetration testing, by detecting vulnerabilities, shows the company / organization what improvements are needed and whether additional layers of security need to be added.

Increase confidence in adopting a security strategy

How can you be sure of the effectiveness of your cyber environment until you have assessed it? With a penetration test and regular assessment of your infrastructure and security team, you will no longer have to worry about how a cyber-attack will occur and how you will react to it, because you have experienced a controlled attack before hackers.

Approve security programs and discover strengths

Network penetration test not only detects security vulnerabilities, but also reveals network strengths. It tells you which security policies and tools have worked best. Knowing this will open your eyes and you can be smarter in allocating security resources so that they are available wherever and whenever they are most needed.

And more …

  • Determine the need for more significant investment in technology and security personnel
  • Find harder risks through automatic network and scanning applications

What are the different types of penetration testing?

External testing
Blind testing
Targeted testing
Internal testing
Double blind testing

Note: Test results should include solutions to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities. A timeline for fixing the detected vulnerabilities should be provided and then the system should be reviewed to ensure that the vulnerabilities are fixed. The solutions provided depend on the type of vulnerabilities. They should include the costs imposed on the company in case of exploitation of vulnerabilities as well as cost of solutions. Ehan does this for you so that in addition to identification, you can have an accurate estimate of the details.

Ehan Company has performed penetration testing on applications, network infrastructure, data storage equipment, etc. within the framework of existing standards. And while identifying the risks, it also provides appropriate solutions to eliminate them safely and builds a powerful information infrastructure for you.

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