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Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Data and information are considered as very important and valuable capital for organizations and companies in the age of technology. Therefore, their maintenance is of special importance. An information security management system helps you identify and address threats and opportunities within your database and any related assets. In fact, your organization is protected against security breaches by having an information security management system and protects your valuable and vital information against risks in the event of a security problem. Remember that using your information security management system correctly is the only way to show that you are managing your information security properly!

However, you can only run good defenses if you know what threats you are facing. This can be a complicated task, but you can simplify this process with Ehan Information Security Management System against risks.

How will ISMS be useful for my organization?

An effective ISMS can provide many security benefits to your business. This is especially important in today’s threatening areas where strong information security is essential in many organizations.

Some features:

  • Help to get new business and enter new areas
  • Strengthen relationships with current customers
  • Increase the brand and reputation of your organization
  • Protect your business from security holes

It should be noted to achieve these benefits and more! You need a quick and easy way to demonstrate your information security policies, procedures and controls with ISMS. This is why many organizations choose ISO 27001 certification. Achieving a standard is a very effective way to prove the superiority and effectiveness of information security in your organization.

Why do you need ISMS?

You need an ISMS to achieve ISO 27001. This is an essential part of the certification process. Because it shows your organization’s dependence on information protection and security. It also specifies how to identify and respond to opportunities or threats related to information about the organization and any other related assets. In fact, you need a fully functional ISMS to achieve ISO 27001 certification that meets the standard requirements. ISMS identifies your organization’s information assets, then covers the following:

  • Identifies what risks your organization’s data and information pose.
  • Determine what you have done or should have done to protect them.
  • Identify the people responsible or involved at each stage of the process
  • Shaping your ISMS
  • Identify how your organization, stakeholders and customers will perform while facing a security risk
  • Determine your risk-taking and other stakeholders

What does ISMS do?

Protect your organization's data and information
Growth and development of the organization
Help you to know new dangers and opportunities and identify security holes before hacking
A simple, practical, and time-saving way to get your first ISO 27001 certification
Increase the level of trust in your organization and show how seriously your organization takes information security

Avoid big mistakes with Ehan!

Our advice is to avoid the old analysis of security holes. Ehan Information Security Management System provides a great start and eliminates many common vacuums instantly. It prioritizes which areas you focus on the most to give you the best return. This will save you valuable time.

Your ISMS should be able to be constantly managed and updated. It also ensures that you can confidently approach your ISO 27001 standards. Ehan makes it easy to achieve this goal with its experienced team.

Building an ISMS is basically like developing a sales or custom accounting system. Your organization must devote significant time, effort and budget to providing systems and services that are easily available on the market. This is while using Ehan services you will be able to save in all aspects.

An effective ISMS protects not only you but also your customers. As your security level increases, you will be more impressed with your current and potential people. Ehan is able to manage your organization in the best possible way in terms of security and meet the security requirements of your organization and your customers.

ISMS is a systematic approach to managing your organization's information security

Protect your organization's data.
Keep data accurate and complete.
Make sure that data is accessible if needed.

Note: Even if you are satisfied with your security level, suppliers and customers may not be so sure. Reducing their concerns and giving you a competitive advantage can depend on demonstrating them that you met the standard requirements.

The most important benefits of implementing ISMS0
  • The latest information security standard
  • Increase organization credibility
  • Dynamic and continuous security management system
  • Preventive approach
  • Comprehensive look to security
  • Personnel training approach
  • Reduce costs
How will Ehan provide these services to you?

The company is ready to provide design, implementation, improvement and review of information security management system in all organizations, offices and companies. Due to having an experienced technical team, this company has high power to implement information security management system.

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