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Penetration Test

Penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack against your computer system to check for vulnerabilities. It is a method to estimating the computer (usually a server) or a network security by simulating the hacker’s attacks. In this method, in order to find security problems, all systems and software and services installed on it are tested and then the existing problems are solved. 

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Penetration Test
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Servers play a very important role in the network of any organization or company. They form the necessary infrastructure to provide services and applications. There are different types of servers in the organization such as: email server, file server, financial server, database server and… 

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Information Security Management System

Data and information are considered as very important and valuable capital for organizations and companies in the age of technology. Therefore, their maintenance is of special importance. An information security management system helps you identify and address threats and opportunities within your database and any related assets. In fact …

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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Due to the increasing use of information technology in all aspects of individual and social life, a large volume of commercial and administrative exchanges is done through data communication on the Internet and other computer networks. Increasing the value of data and information resources of organizations and departments and consequently increasing cyber- attacks has led to …

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Due to its field of activity, Ehan has always tried to be a leader in the world of information and communication technology security by identifying, acquiring and transferring science, knowledge and emerging technologies, using collective knowledge and taking advantage of innovation approach and takes an important step in the field of maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of information at the micro and macro levels of society, as well as the continuity of activities and operations.

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